Wilson Elementary
Community Council Minutes
September 14, 2017


  • Michelle Jensen
  • Susan Woolley
  • Liz Haluafia
  • Katie Harris
  • Stephani Dickson
  • Jennifer Beach
  • Amy Cox
  • Sue Sorenson
Absent: Bill Bradford

Safe Routes

    There was discussion on the responsibilites of the School Community Council and the school sfe routing plan. Sue asked us to give some thout to a 4-way stop, and where busses should pick up and drop off. Some options are: no parents dropping off/picking up in the loop, busses dropping off/picking up on the road on the East side of the school, or on the South side.

2017-2018 officers were elected:

  • SCC Chair
    • Susan Woolley nominated Michelle Jensen
    • Amy Cox 2nd
    • All in favor
  • SCC Vice Chair
    • Michelle Jensen nominated Susan Woolley
    • Stephani Dickson 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Secretary
    • Liz Halaufia nominated Jennifer Beach
    • Katie Harris 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Wilson will have two parent involvement nights this year. The first one will take place in October and will be a Literacy Night. Parents will have the opportunity to learn how to do Scootpad. There will be a Science one in the spring

School Improvement Plan

  • We had a discussion on goals, money and spending. The estimated amount Wilson will receive is $40,000this upcoming year. Expenditures need to be tied to goals of the School Improvement Plan.

Discussion on Bylaws

  • Meetings will be on the second Thrusday of every month.
  • District boundary discussion will be held at Wilson on September 28th

Next Meeting

    October 12th @ 3:00 pm