Wilson Elementary
Community Council Minutes
September 12, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
District Office Board Room

Responsibilite of school Community Councils

  • Growth in Permanenet Fund
  • Training
    • should be provided for ALL members of SCC
  • Elections
    • The timeline for elections must be consistent for at least four consecutive years.

Work of SCC

  • School Improvement Plan
  • School LAND Trust Plan
  • Digital Citizenship Review

Plan Approval

  • Local Boards are approving entities

Plan Expenditures

  • Should be used for data-driven and evidence-based practieces and services

Amendments to the Plan

  • Has the SCC discussed this amendment

When are Amendments Required?

  • Add a funding category to any goal
  • Add a new goal
  • Mid-year you hav not spend the money as planned and cannot/will not be able to spend in as orginally planned
  • If you decide not to implement a goal

When is an Ammendment Optional?

  • Items are listed in the "if there is more money" question of approved plan
  • If you are going to spend more money on what was already approved

Website Compliance

  • 6 things that should ALWAYS be updated
  • Agendas one week PRIOR to meeting
  • Minutes after meeting
    • All votes should be documented
    • Budget decisions should be in minutes
    • Amendments should be in minutes
    • Attendents, absences and who votes/how

District Staff Assistance

  • They are there to assist in many different ways
    • train, get information, provide data, compliance reviews, etc

Suggested Best Pracitices

  • Final Report
  • Review Trustland budget throughout the year
  • Review current year not just next year's