Wilson Elementary
Community Council Minutes
October 12, 2017 3:00-4:00 pm


  • Michelle Jensen
  • Susan Woolley
  • Amy Cox
  • Stephani Dickson
  • Jenny Johnson
  • Katie Harris
  • Sue Sorensen
  • Liz Halaufia
  • Jennifer Beach

Absent: Bill Bradford

LCSD Mission Statement

    Ensure ALL students leave our school sready to create a positive future.

Duties of the Board:

  • In charge of general direction of the school district.
  • In charge of the Superintendent.
  • Adopt and in charge of policies.
  • Implement district plan.
  • Assure accountability.
  • District finances.
  • SIPs need to be submitted to Board, approved, and then sent to the state.
  • Provide training.
  • Read and approve SIP.
  • Board makes sure they are in compliance.
  • Rough draft due around the middle of March. Encourage amendments thorughout the year. This is a working document. It is okay to change it periodically throughout the year.
  • May 15th is when final plan needs to be submitted to the state.

Introductions: (2 min.) Michelle Jensen

  • Welcome

Business Items (30 min.) Sue

  • State Community Council e-mail
  • Vote on Bylaws
    • Liz Halaufia motioned to approve
    • Katie Harris 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Fall data- see notes from meeting provided by Sue.
  • Sage Data- Wilson is far above district and state averages in LA, Math and Science on composite scores, comprehension scores in DAZE are up.
  • How school grade is configures. 62% growth at Wilson, which is great growth. Grade is a B.
  • DIBELS has added blue section- "above benchmark". We made great growth by reducing red and increasing green/blue.
  • Trustlands budget update- (See budget sheet from last year)
    This year- $49,000 to spend (See budget sheet from this year)
  • SEP Parent night computer lab training for parents - 3-6 Monday and Tuesday night during SEP. Parents will be trained on AR, Relfex Math, Scootpad and Imagine Learning.
  • Sue would like us to approve a budget for treats for the kids and adults, as well as pay aides help man the computer lab during that time.
    • Amy Cox motioned for approval to use parent involvement money
    • Michelle Jensen 2nd
    • All in favor
  • Safety in fron of school- High School drivers & are driving through the stake center parking lot and speeding past the school so they don't have to go through the 20 MPH school zone. Liz is going to call a police officer to see if they can set up a presence for the next little while to prevent problems.
  • Boundary discussion- Boundary changes are needed to happen by next fall. There are many new subdivisions being added throughout the district. Input is needed by patrons of the district to determine where the best boundary changes are happening. Please encourage people to come to meetings throughout the district. The Board is working on social media campaign to try and share all of the postive things about LCSD.

Debrief/ New Business (5 min.) Michelle


    All meetings will begin on time and the schedule will be kept. If you have items you would like to add to the agenda please email suggestions to Sue Sorenson. Email here.

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting

    November 9th from 3:00-4:00 pm

Veteran's Day Program will be Patriots and Pie