Wilson Elementary
Community Council Minutes
November 9, 2017


  • Liz Halaufia
  • Stephani Dickson
  • Amy Cox
  • Michelle Jensen
  • Sue Sorensen
  • Susan Woolley
  • Jennifer Beach

  • Absent: Katie Harris Bill Bradford

    Introductions: (2 min.) Michelle Jensen

    • Welcome

    Review and Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting: (5 min.)

    Business Items (30 min.) Sue

    • Support Person of the Year voting- the suggestion was made that SCC doesn't really know the support staff, so we will turn it over to the leadership team to vote. Could they wait until later in the year to do the voting, as many support staff is brand new, and are unknown this early in the year?
    • SEP night feedback- parents are receiving unnecessarty email from Scootpad. Parents atteneded and felt it was worthwhile. Treats were awesome. It was great that Barbara Ford came to help many ESL parents get on Imagine Learning.
    • Update on drop off, pick up- Police patrolled the area 3-4 days per week for a few weeks, and ticketed several people. This was beneficial to slow drivers down before school. Sue will talk to crossing guard about moving her car so it doesn' tcause a problem with the bus coming around the corner.
    • Bus map? Kendall Allen was here to explain the new bus routes. As a school, we can have one stop within a mile and a half to still keep funding. We have had a paid route in the past, but with fewer kids riding the bus , it is no longer economical. They took the existing stops, went to 410 of a mile in between, so more students can be accommodated. With the 410 of a mile in between, there is a potential of 30 students that cad ride. They had to eliminate two of Cindy's stops, but with the 410 in between it makes it still state eligible for funding. city will have 65-68 potential riders, and bus 2 will have about 50. New stops will begin on November 21. Letters will go out to everyone on Cliffised and Herm's Inn area. They will also be emailed on the 15th or 16th. The map will also be put on the website, included in the letter and email, and will be posted at the school. Drivers will insturct the children about waiting to cross the road until afer the bus arrives.
    • Veteran's Day Patriots and Pie for all neighborhood Beterans. Will be on November 10th at 10:00 am.
    • Trustlands budget update- Of teh $49,468, we have spent #16,833 as of this month.
    • The idea was brought up of giving a loaf of bread to neighbors around the Wilson school to say thank you for keeping an eye on the school and makin gusre things are safe for the childre.
    • School Colors debate- it has been decided that navy, red and white are the official school colors.
    • What is the best way to contact parents? Email and phone calls seem to be effective. Phone calls are best to be sent the night before rather than the week before. Phone calls let parents know they can check their email to receive the message.

    Debrief/ New Business (5 min.) Michelle


      All meetings will begin on time and the schedule will be kept. If you have items you would like to add to the agenda please email suggestions to Sue Sorenson. Email me here.

    Next Meeting

      January 11th from 3-4 pm.