Wilson Elementary
Community Council
November 8, 2018


  • Sue Sorenson
  • Michelle Jensen
  • Amy Cox
  • Liz Halaufia
  • Susan Woolley
  • Stephani Dicson
  • Kelly Marchant
  • Jessica Forrey
  • Bill Bradford

Other Business

  • Liz motioned to approve the minutes from last month
    • Jessica 2nd the motion
  • Discussed walking around the neighborhood to deliver the bread to neighbors of the school. Date set to deliver on November 20th at 10:00 am. Sue will order and pick-up the bread.
  • City has map needed for safe walking route around Wilson. We will work on this. Concern for bus pick-up at 400 West. There is no stop sign between 1400 N and 1800 N. Students need to cross between that road to catch the bus, but it has been noticed that the cars don't always stop for the buses.
  • Thank you cards handed out to thank representatives for our Trustlands Money.
  • There was a budget update.
  • Veteran's Day Assembly tomorrow. All ready for that
  • Combined literacy night with PTA. We will support the PTA with this effort. This will be held on January 29th.
  • No December meeting
  • Art member needed to sit on a District Art Team. This money is to be used to help with Art education and porvidint further opportunities for students.
  • Tentative night for STEAM night might be March 26th.
  • Lock down school- what do we do if the school has a situation where students are outside.
  • E2 groups concern with mixing up the activities there. The students feel the activities are the same each day.