Wilson Elemenetary
Community Council Minutes
May 30, 2019


  • Michelle Jensen
  • Stephani Dickson
  • Jessica Forrey
  • Susan Woolley
  • Liz Halaufia
  • Bill Bradford
  • Amy Cox
  • Sue Sorenson
  • Tara Coppin
  • Marion Bishop

Community Council Positions

  • Terms Ending on Communiy Council Spring of 2019
    • Michelle Jensen
    • Stephani Dickson
    • Liz Halaufia
  • There was no one who contacted the school about being on the Community Council. However, Tara Coppin expressed interest to the chair.
  • Current members whose term expires were invited to stay on the council if they wanted to.
    • All were interested in staying
      • Liz motioned to keep the memebers
      • Bell 2nd
      • All in favor
  • The Community Council for 2019-2020 will be:
    • Michelle Jensen
    • Stephanie Dickson
    • Jessica Forrey
    • Marian Bishop
    • Liz Halaufia
    • Susan Woolley
    • Tara Coppin was elected to serve as a new member.
  • Bill Bradford resigned his position mid-term since he will no longer have a child attending Wilson.
  • Teacher representative Amy Cox's term also expires and that will be voted on by the staff.

School Data

  • Goal #1
    • 85% of students to score 85% or higher on their math chapter tests
      • Overall we bumped up from 76% to 79%.
  • Goal #2
    • 80% of our students will be on grade level or make 1 year's growth.
      • 83% of the students made the year's growth.
  • Introduction to Sight Word assessment.
    • We will continue on this and we were able to get some great baseline data to start our year for sight words.
  • AR activity by Terms
    • We will continue to push AR starting earlier in the year.

Thanks to everyone who served on the commitee, we appriciate your time and commitment to Wilson School!