Wilson Elemenetary
Community Council Minutes
March 12, 2019


  • Sue Sorenson
  • Michelle Jensen
  • Liz Halaufia
  • Jessica Forrey
  • Marion Bishop
  • Susan Wooley
  • Amy Cox
  • Kelly Marchant

Approval of Minutes

  • Liz motioned
  • Marion 2nd
  • All in favor


  • People updated on the businesses
  • Professionals and groups who are coming to present on March 26, 2019 from 5-6:30


  • Liz motioned to approvepartial payment for microphones
  • We will repair and refresh those for teachers.

Parent and Family Engagement Policy

  • Liz motioned to approve the updated version of the Parent and Family Engagement Policy
  • Marion 2nd

SIP Goals

  • Math will be changed to 80% instead of 85% and also add a math fact goal to be reached.
  • Reading will remain the same with 1 years growth in STAR test, with the addition of Sight Words for each grade that need to be passed off.
  • Writing goal will remain the same with the change from Opinion wrting to Narrative writing.
  • Art will remain the same with Sheree her involvement in each grad's Core Curriculum.
  • Marion motioned to accept outlined SIP goals.
  • Jessica 2nd


  • Budget: $68,000
  • $25,000 - 90 Chrome books for 3rd grade
  • $8,000(+$2,000 supplies) BTSALP
  • $2,700 Software for AR
  • $8,000 Instructional Assistants
  • $23,000 Possible Math Facts Implementation $23,000
  • $21,000 Instructional Assistants (half hour for each teacher 1-5 timings)
  • $1,300 set up math facts

School Evacuation Procedures

  • Sue reviewed the School Evacuation Procedures
  • In has been decided to present ID to enter and pick up the students.
  • This would be good to notify and remind parents in a simple way that this plan will be put in place and to be prepared.

Meeting Adjourned