Wilson Elemenetary
Community Council Minutes
January 10, 2019


  • Michelle Jensen
  • Sue Sorenson
  • Stephani Dickson
  • Jessica Forrey
  • Kelly Marchant
  • Bill Bradford
  • Amy Cox
  • Marion Bishop
  • Liz Halaufia

Approve Minutes

  • Liz motions
  • Bill 2ns
  • All in favor

Follow up on Minutes: Sue

  • Talk to Mayor about 1400 North about flashing lights or having the police watch that area at the time peole are leaving for school or coming home from school.

Refunification Plan

  • This is a plan to explain what we would do with an emergency situation where parents need to pick up students.
  • This needs to be typed up and in place by the end of the year.
  • Discussion about who can pick up and if ID needs to be shown etc.
  • Make parents aware of the plan put in place so they are prepared with what is necessary.

Literacy Night

  • Book exchange will be in the KIVA, reading will take place in the classrooms and AR tests.
  • Students will be given a little reading bag and handed out as they leave.
  • Community Council will allocate $300 towards the activity.
  • We are suggesting 300 bags.
    • Liz motioned to approve money
    • Marion 2nd
    • All in favor

Community wants and needs

  • Superintendent Schofield discussed issues with AP classes and Concurrent Enrollment.
  • Schedule might be better with more concurrent opportunities.
  • School scheduling will be happening earlier and more done at school.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences feedback about scheduling and attendance. He will take an overall opinion of parents, so feel free to email.

Christmas Concert Feedback

  • Good location, length good, parent etiquette, would like a little familiarity to the songs.
  • More people would like to see more of their faces.
  • Traditional holiday festival could involve more ways to incorporate other cultures.

Science Night

  • March 26th , Tuesday, Steam Night.
  • Everyone will call people to find participants.
  • 5:30-6:30, set up at 5.

budget Report

  • We will have an update next month , microphones are a no go, we are looking at possibly updating the computer lab.
  • Student-Parent-School Compact was looked over and approved!

Meeting Adjourned