Wilson Elementary
Community Council Minutes
February 8, 2018 @ 3:00 pm


  • Sue Sorensen
  • Michelle Jensen
  • Liz Halaufia
  • Amy Cox
  • Susan Woolley
  • Bill Bradford
  • Stefani Dickson
  • Jennifer Beach
Absent: Katie Harris

Introductions (2 min.) Michelle Jensen

  • Welcome

Review and Approve Minutes from previous meeting: (5 min.)

  • Liz Halaufia motion to approve
  • Susan Woolley 2nd
  • All in favor

Business Items

  • STEM Night Contacts
    • Campbell Scientific- Bill will do it
    • BATC - planning on it
    • Cache Makers- Timing is not ideal for them this year, so no
    • Dr. Binns -yes
    • LCPD-
    • Fireworks West- coming
    • Steven Henager's Nursing- Will be here
    • USU Engineering-
    • Logan Library-
    • Cache Valley Center for the Arts0 will come
    • Treat- Sue has purchased test tubes full of candy to be passed out that night.
    • SDL- Have two other commitments that night , so no.
    • Home Depot-
    • Yesco-
    • Chemist-
    • Atonomous Solutions-
    • Schribers-
    • Aggie Ice Cream-
    • Cache Valley Electric- maybe, depending on timing
    • Science Unwrapped- will keep trying
    • Zoo-
    • USU Physics Department- Sue will contact

    • We will need to arrive at 4:45 pm the night of March 22nd to prepare everything for the evening to start at 5:30 pm.
  • Kindergarten Registration- We are getting extra signs to put in yards so people are aware. Amy and Bill will put one in their yards. Liz will put one in another area. We put one at Island Market. Sue will order extra signs to put up. Liz will also post it on the neighborhood Facebook page. There will be an immunization van there every day of registration.
  • Construction Projects
    • Riverwalk update – Michelle and Sue met with Mayor Daines to discuss ideas for walking along Riverside Drive. Concerns for children were discussed. Plans to replace the bridge over Sumac will happen in the next 5 years. Plans show that with this restructuring they will create some type of walking trail, but perhaps a gravel trail and putting in sidewalk on the west side of the street up to 1st North where there is no sidewalk as a “band-aid” until they can completely solve the problem.
    • Liz discussed the construction of a bridge over the river on 1st South that will be maintained by the city. The city is also looking to get a grant to put in a sidewalk on 1st South where there currently is none. Concern comes from having more traffic when the new subdivision is built. We will continue to monitor traffic and safety of our school children walking in that area.
    • There will be a neighborhood meeting for the Wilson area on Wednesday, February 28, at the City Hall. They will discuss all concerns in the Wilson neighborhood.
  • Mid-year data (See Mid-Year Report on Wilson School Improvement Goals) Information was shared with the council, as well as information that was discussed at faculty meeting for ways to improve.
  • Trust Lands Budget (See pages showing money spent [$26,702]). We are projecting now that we will have about $5000 left over, so we need to be thinking about what we can spend that money on. We discussed using the money for updated computers for the teachers. We will wait to look at the budget in March and April to determine how much money there will really be to spend, and what the greatest needs are.
  • We need to be thinking for next time about items to spend money on that are most important. Be thinking about whether or not we want to continue to have dance or art, or continue BTS.
  • A discussion ensued about the stake center putting a gate up to prevent busses from going through the parking lot. Bill is going to talk to someone to find out the reasons behind it.
  • Teacher of the Year nominees were reviewed and voted on.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday, March 8, 2018 @ 3:00 pm